Upping the Ante: Now It’s $250 Per “Paid Tweet”

by Kevin Delaney

Ad.ly Logo - Paid TweetingIn a recent post, I wrote about a deal that was struck between myself and the service Ad.ly to issue a “paid Tweet” about sandwiches in Los Angeles. I emerged from the experience $1.40 richer.

Shortly thereafter, I received a second proposition from Ad.ly, this time to advertise beer. Again, the amount offered was $1.40. I declined. I’m not about to hawk booze for a lousy $1.40. I have standards.

$250 — that’s much more like it.

Thinking long and hard about it, I have decided that I will issue paid Tweets — if the price is right. I logged in to my Ad.ly account, and upped my price per paid Tweet from $2 (the recommended amount), to $250.

SponsoredTweets.com Sponsored TweetsI also visited my account at SponsoredTweets.com — another pay-to-Tweet service that I had registered with a while ago, but so far have gotten no action from. I raised my amount there also to $250.

I used SponsoredTweets back in October ’09 to issue a paid Tweet of my own. For $117.65, a major blogger sent out several Tweets directing people to WealthyBohemian.com, and specifically to my article on how to become a semi-celebrity. (These Tweets were labeled with the “#ad” hashtag.)

My blog saw a significant — though temporary — jump in traffic as a result. That blogger has tens of thousands of Twitter followers, so even a small percentage of clicks could result in a lot of people checking it out, if only for a moment.

I bought the Sponsored Tweet mostly because I was curious to see how the service worked. Would I do it again? Maybe.

Meanwhile, if you have something you’d like me to pitch via my Twitter feed, $250 is all it will take to make it happen. Hell, that’s a fraction of what I normally get to record VO for a major ad campaign. My Twitter followers are all highly interested, motivated, bright, good-looking people. So are the readers of my blog.

I should add: The folks who follow me on Twitter don’t hate me — yet. They might start to, and soon, especially if I include ads in my Tweets with any regularity. So get your advertising message out with me now, before the masses turn on me!

Full disclosure: Clicking on the links for Ad.ly and SponsoredTweets in this post will cause me to receive a commission for any money and/or any purchases you make through these services.


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