Delaney Sells Out: Accepts “Paid Tweet,” Pockets $1.40 from Transaction

by Kevin Delaney

Paid TweetIf you follow me on Twitter, you received the Tweet to the right from me today.

I didn’t write it. A company called The Network emailed me and offered me cash to broadcast the Tweet to my readers.

The amount I received for passing along their promotional message: $1.40. is a service that anyone can register with — provided you have a reasonably large Twitter following, and are willing to prostitute your account for the purpose of sending paid advertisements.

I registered with the service some months ago, but didn’t hear anything from them until today. When they dangled that $1.40 in front of me to blast what seemed to be a harmless link to a page ranking local sandwiches, I couldn’t resist.

“Paid Tweeting” is a controversial issue. Many see it as spamming — which it is, of course. Two slight things that the concept has in its favor: 1. The tweet is labeled as an (Ad), and 2. The Tweeter has the option to accept or reject any advertisement submitted.

I don’t have much of an opinion about it. Several people I follow (all of whom have much larger Twitter followings than me) have sent out these kinds of paid messages, and I generally don’t mind. Occasionally, in fact, I’ve found the links they contain useful.

What do you think? Did my sponsor get their money’s worth? Do you approve of the practice of paid Tweeting?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Full Disclosure: Registering with via any of the links in this post will earn me a 12% commission on any money you make using the service. That means seventeen cents for me every time you send a $1.40 Tweet. Sweet!


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