Video: Parking in Pittsburgh

by Kevin Delaney

Spending time in the ‘Burgh, I’m reminded of just how unusual parking habits can be in the city. Here’s a short video I shot explaining “reverse parking” and the “Pittsburgh chair”:

UPDATE: The blog Boring Pittsburgh and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s PG+ website have done write-ups about my video. Since the Post-Gazette’s site is subscription-only, here is an excerpt:

South Siders, Bloomfielders and Lawrencevillites and other urban scramblers may appreciate this little gem — in the vast history of parking documentaries — which was shot today on Wightman Street in Squirrel Hill and Meade Street in Point Breeze. Commercial voiceover artist Kevin Delaney highlights some of the cultural delights of Pittsburgh parking: specifically, the chair used to hold your spot, the note on said chair expounding on your reasons for putting the chair in the street and the backwards park-job.

Delaney, who has done voices for video game characters in World of Warcraft, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Halo, has relocated to Los Angeles from his hometown. He highlights yet another benefit of living in the Iron City vs. L.A.: no $45 tickets for leaving your vehicle parked every which way.


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