Steve Carell’s 8-Year-Old Daughter Exhibits Superb Entrepreneurial Skills

by Kevin Delaney

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Carell’s Daughter Profits From Paparazzi

Steve Carell’s 8-year-old daughter is learning how to profit from her dad’s celebrity status by selling lemonade to paparazzi lurking around their Los Angeles home.

The actor admits he had low expectations for little Annie’s business venture, and he was shocked when his daughter came back with a pocket full of cash after helping paparazzi trailing neighborhood celebrities cool down with summer drinks.

He explains, “She went down to the corner. … I figured she’d come back in half an hour or an hour with 75 cents. She came back with $36 in half an hour.”

“Billy Ray Cyrus (came) by walking his dog and drops $20 on a cup of lemonade, so she keeps the $20. Then the paparazzi who had been following Billy Ray Cyrus, they all came and bought lemonade as well. And then the police who were called to chase the paparazzi circle back bought lemonade. Now she thinks she can do that for a living.”

$72 an hour selling lemonade — not bad! The key to selling when you’re a kid is to impress people with your industriousness, and make them feel like they’re contributing to your development by buying from you. (Which they are!)

It also goes to show that it’s much easier to make big money than small money, as I explain in this podcast.

UPDATE: I emphatically agree with this comment, posted at the SFGate website:

A couple folks have already alluded to Steve Carell’s eight-year-old daughter being required to register her business with the city, and to pay taxes (not to mention collecting sales tax from her customers).

Add to that these points that the girl was probably violating child labor laws, zoning laws (lemonade stand in a residential neighborhood not zoned for retail sales), and department of public health regulations (premises where beverages being served weren’t inspected by DPH personnel).

It kind of makes you wish that the authorities *had* attempted to enforce every one of these regulations on poor little Annie, just so her wealthy celebrity dad would have been pissed off and woken up to how the State’s regulatory overkill is costing jobs, hurting the economy, killing the entrepreneurial spirit, and destroying childrens’ futures. Then he might have been willing to add his wealth and clout to the fight to win America back from the clutches of arrogant career politicians and predatory bureaucrats.


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