Webinar Audio: Does Your Family Support Your Creative Decision?

by Kevin Delaney

Thanks to all who attended & participated in our live Webinar all about the negativity that creative people often experience from others, and what to do about it. If you missed it, or want to re-experience it, here’s the replay: (53 minutes)

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Have you ever felt pressure to convince another person that your particular career path doesn’t mean you’re insane?

Have you been warned by well-meaning relatives that you’re making “the biggest mistake of your life” — because you opt not to live as they do?

Have you been the target of put-downs and guilt trips — since the conventional way of doing things just doesn’t interest you?

In this hour-long session, we delve into why people often react negatively (and unsupportively) when they encounter someone who dares to live their dream.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Why fear is behind much of the negativity expressed to you by others.
  • How to keep disapproval and dire predictions from draining your motivation.
  • How you can still love your family, even when they’re not behind you.

It’s an interactive session, with great comments & thoughts shared by listeners.

This Webinar is not about bashing anyone. It’s about understanding why people do & say what they do — and how understanding this can bring you the internal peace you need to move forward.


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