Does Your Website’s URL Suffer From Low Self-Esteem?

by Kevin Delaney

I’m continually astonished at how many websites commit a very simple error.

If a URL consists of multiple words, capitalize the first letter of each word any time the URL is written or printed.

Which of the following URL’s “pops” and captures your attention more?

The first isn’t easy to read. It’s a mash of letters we’re not used to seeing together.

The second is clearer and stronger. You can tell right away there are two words in the name, and you know what those words are.

Writing a website’s URLs in all lower-case letters is virtually an epidemic. The Internet has been around for 15 years now — yet people still think it’s hip and cool to put their brand across this way.

Or maybe it’s just laziness.

When you write a URL in all lower-case letters, you not only impose a mental burden on your reader, you also make your site look unimportant and insignificant — like just one more website on the internet.

Capitalizing the first letter of each word in your URL boosts your site’s self-image. Imagine if I wrote my own name this way:

kevin delaney

Doesn’t it look small and uncertain — as opposed to the the solidity and “oomph” of Kevin Delaney?

As human beings, we’re used to reading things a certain way. We expect proper names to be capitalized. This isn’t schoolmarm grammar; when we see a name in lower case, it automatically occupies a “lower” status in our minds.

Sometimes, not being clear about where the words break in your URL can be embarrassing. Here’s a website that’s used often by Hollywood producers. See if you can decipher it without caps:

Did you read it as “whore presents”? I did! No, you can’t buy gifts for your favorite hooker here. (Though that might be a popular business in Tinseltown.) It’s a site to look up agent information for actors. The name is Who Represents dot com.

I’ll be back soon with a video about how to choose a killer URL for your website — and what kinds of names to steer clear of!


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Suzanne Chaudhury August 13, 2010 at 1:03 pm

Once again, great tips and very useful info! Thanks Kevin!

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