Video: Marketing Guru Laura Ries on How to Become a Movie Star

by Kevin Delaney

The always-enlightening Laura Ries tells us how to become (and stay) famous:

Laura’s basic idea is that, whether you’re promoting a product, a service, or yourself, you have to think in terms of brands.

Every big star — indeed every highly successful person — has an unambiguous identity and personality. They stand for something; they represent a clearly defined brand in people’s minds.

What’s your brand? How do you intend to promote it?

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steve September 23, 2009 at 8:16 am

Don’t you think that the report flies in the face of the actor’s philosophy? Famous stars play themselves in everything they do – no acting involved; actors successfully suspend the listener/viewer’s disbelief to become someone they are not.

Kevin Delaney September 23, 2009 at 4:14 pm


In a sense, yes. But Laura is talking about marketing your personal product or brand, not acting per se.

It’s fine to play varied roles, but the public needs something specific if it’s going to fall in love with you.

I’ve never had much interest in “acting.” Oh, I’ve studied (and I teach) the basics. But my real mission, and what I encourage everyone to do, is to share who I am — my personality, my eccentricity, my ideas — with the world.

There’s an adage: “Actors” starve, movie stars have all the fun!

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