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by Kevin Delaney

I’m a domain-name junkie. Currently, I own close to 30 domains — most of which aren’t even active yet. Domain name ideas occur to me all the time; I visit to see if they’re taken, and if they aren’t I register them.

GoDaddy is my preferred service — both for domain registration and website hosting. They’re a great company, and they have outstanding customer service.

Best of all, their rates are so cheap, you can grab a bunch of domains for surprisingly little money.

For example, I recently registered a .com domain name through GoDaddy; I got it for one year, and added Private registration (I strongly recommend this option — it keeps your contact info hidden from spammers). I removed Business registration, which I don’t need, and my total cost for the year was $16.66!

You can register a domain name even if you don’t immediately have a website to go along with it. My advice is to snap up a domain while it’s still available, then focus on putting a site together. (At the very least, everyone should own their name and/or business name as a web address.)

Domain names are being snapped up all the time, and that awesome dot-com that’s up for grabs today might not be there tomorrow. Click here to head over to — and have fun registering your domains!


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