Does Social Networking Stink?

by Kevin Delaney

You’ve probably heard me speak positively about social media sites & services in the past. In this video, I explore the downside of social media, and name two critical issues that you must be aware of if you’re to use it effectively:

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J.S. Gilbert March 26, 2010 at 11:57 am

Here is an interesting fact. More data will be created in the year 2010 than in all recorded history up until this point. Lots of that information is from people giving status updates about eating sushi or cleaning their oven or for you actors, I just auditioned for a Dunkin Doughnuts v.o. Lots of other parts of that data are the murmurings of Unqualified advisers” or people who want to give advice and be helpful regardless of whether or not they have a point of reference. I can’t actually tell you how often I have been referred to a crooked establishment from somebody on the internet. Just like all those well meaning folks who send everyone in their address books warnings that are hoaxes.

It’s not just too many people everywhere and too much data, but most of it being of little value. When we used to shoot commercials on film, it was expensive and rarely did you shoot more than 5 minutes of footage for a 30 second spot. People who worked on these projects had to know what they were doing. Nowadays video or solid state storage is cheap and they shoot 2 hours of footage for a 30 second spot. Data overload and the sense that anybody can do it.

As for FaceBook, it’s clear that what they are doing is slowly reducing services, so that they can introduce a subscriber system. FaceBook has a very iffy business model with regards to income streams. Fairly soon, expect to have to pay for services that were once free on FaceBook, such as limitations in terms of friend feeds and so forth.

Phyllis March 29, 2010 at 9:39 pm

Hi Kevin,
This is good concise information. I have over 20 years in sales and sales training. I will be marketing a sales training class on the web soon. This was helpful in developing marketing ideas for the web. You are correct. I see people with over 500 contacts on Linked in and Facebook. I am aiming for fewer but stronger relationships.

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